Welcome to my blue and violet world!


"青と紫, 大好き〜!"
"Ao to Murasaki, daisuki〜!"
"Blue and purple, I love you〜!/Blue to purple "I love you"〜!"

Hi! My name is Alex, but people call me Alex or Euro. I am 13 years old (but I'm way different than girls you see that are 13) and I live in Hong Kong. I love making fanfic stories and transcript for anime series that I am working with. I am working on different anime series of different types, like magical girl, idol, yaoi and yuri anime.
So here are a few things you need to know about me:
My fave anime are Aikatsu, Ouran High School, Uta No Prince Sama, Love Live, Pretty Cure and many others
My fave music artists are Eurovision idols like Conchita Wurst and Mans Zelmerlow, but I also have a deeply obsession on the J-POP boy band Arashi, and my ichibans are Jun and Ohno 💜💙... So my all time OTP is Juntoshi!
I love sour fruits, and my fave desserts are lemon curd and key lime pie. It's so umai!
I speak 5 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Korean.
I also have a skill at anime drawing (traditional), and I always have a obsession to draw everywhere, even in my workbooks at school XD.
I believe in LGBT, yaoi and yuri rights, cos I am so supportive, ne?

Here are some accounts I used often beside LJ:
http://mslexithebean.deviantart.com: My deviantart account (sorry, it cannot make me do these things right now)
http://fandomofprettycure.wikia.com/wiki/User:Eurovisionprecurefan: My Purikyua Fandom Wiki account